Frequently Ask Questions

Do Holiday Scanner provide holidays?

No. We simply enable travel providers to advertise on our site. Your travel contract is with the travel provider.

Is the rate displayed on Holiday Scanner the correct live cost? 

The rate displayed on our site should be the actual price you pay but this does not include any transfers or additional luggage, for which there will be an additional charge. This will be added to the final total by the travel provider. There may be other extras. The provider should make you aware of these costs  before confirming your booking but please check carefully what is covered before you book and contact the travel provider if you are unsure.

Please note that prices can change quite frequently in the travel industry, particularly with flights and room availability during peak periods of the year. Our travel providers should promptly update prices or remove outdated advertisements but there is a chance that advertised offers may no longer be available when you come to book.

I have recently booked a holiday package and have a question. Who do I contact? 

For any questions you have regarding your booking you will need to contact the travel provider with whom you made the reservation. You should find its contact details on your confirmation email.

Who do I contact if I have a question about a holiday package that is being advertised on Holiday Scanner? 

If you have questions regarding a particular holiday package, you will need to contact the travel provider through the phone number displayed on our site.

I have forgotten the name of the company with whom I booked my holiday. How can I find these details? 

You should be able to find the name and contact details for the travel provider on the confirmation email you received when your booking was confirmed and  also on your credit card or bank statement.

What is included in the price displayed for a holiday package on your website? 

We strongly recommend you contact the travel provider to get clarification on exactly what is covered. Most likely the prices displayed on our site include the cost of flights and accommodation as well as booking fees and taxes and a standard hand luggage allowance (depending on the airline).

Please note any additional luggage, transfers, ski equipment, lift passes or excursions will incur additional charges.

What does the price displayed on Holiday Scanner not include? 

The prices you see displayed typically exclude any additional luggage or airport transfers, but this may vary with different travel providers. Many of the holiday packages will consist of a standard hand luggage allowance depending on the airline. You can contact the travel providers through the designated numbers on our site, and they should be happy to confirm what exactly is included and excluded. If there are additional extras you need for your holiday, they should confirm the costs with you.

How much hand luggage am I allowed to take on board? 

The amount and weight limit of your hand luggage will vary with different airlines. For clarification on your hand luggage allowance, please contact the travel provider through the dedicated number.

Who do I get in touch with if I want to cancel a holiday that I have booked? 

You will need to contact the travel provider with whom you booked the holiday. The provider should supply you with information regarding cancellation but please note there is no guarantee of any refunds. Please carefully read the terms and conditions, including cancellation information, on travel providers websites before you book.

Who do I contact to find out how much luggage and transfers will cost? 

You will need to contact the travel provider directly via the designated phone number on our site for confirmation of extra costs involved with luggage and transfers. Travel providers should be able to tailor-make a holiday package specifically for your needs.

How early do I need to book my holiday package? 

The time frame for booking holidays will vary, and so you will need to check with the travel provider with regard to the deadline to confirm your booking.

Can I book my holiday package online? 

Some of our partners allow you to click through to the travel provider’s site from Holiday Scanner and complete bookings online. In any case, there will be a telephone contact option as many of our customers prefer to speak with the travel provider before booking to they can clarify any additional requirements and get a breakdown of costs.

How protected are holiday packages advertised on Holiday Scanner? 

You may be entitled to financial protection if you buy a “package holiday” as defined in the package holiday regulations.  Also, travel providers who offer flight-based holidays are required to hold an “ATOL”, which provides certain protection if the travel provider fails.

Our travel providers will also be members of ABTA or the Travel Trust Association either directly through the organisations or through a consortium group. These associations may offer additional protections, e.g. for non-package holidays.

You can find more information about the kinds of protections generally available to travellers here: If you require further confirmation, then please ask the travel provider to provide you with a copy of their ATOL certificate and/or to explain exactly what protections are available for your particular holiday.  

If I don’t book a package but accommodation only what protection do I have? 

The financial protection schemes may not apply to accommodation-only bookings. Please contact your travel provider through the contact number on our site to check what protection is in place for accommodation-only bookings.

How do I verify if a travel provider listed on Holiday Scanner is a member of ABTA? 

You can verify if a travel providers on our site is listed on ABTA’s register by clicking the following link –

How do I check if a travel provider listed on Holiday Scanner has an ATOL protection license? 

To check that a travel provider you are booking through holds an ATOL license, please click:

I have contacted the travel provider but the cost different to what is displayed on Holiday Scanner. Why? 

Prices fluctuate continuously in the travel industry, especially flights. When you buy a holiday package, the provider site or telephone representative should indicate any price changes before you confirm your booking.

Can I split payments for holiday packages on two different payment cards? 

Yes, this is possible with most travel providers, but you should check with the travel provider before you start your booking.

Are there any fees for using a credit or debit for payment? 

Travel providers should not make charges payment made via debit/credit card transactions without telling you beforehand. However charges do commonly apply to business or commercial cards.

When do holiday packages have to be paid for? 

Travel providers will have different payment schedules. Generally, payments can be made 6 to 12 weeks before flights are scheduled to leave, but you should confirm this with this provider before confirming your booking.

Do I pay Holiday Scanner for any part of my holiday package? 

Holiday Scanner never take payments from customers; we connect you with travel providers to purchase holiday packages. Payments are made directly to our travel providers.

Can I pay a deposit or will I have to pay in full for my holiday at the time of booking? 

This will be dependent on whether the travel provider that you have made your booking with offers the possibility of paying in instalments. You can check this by contacting the travel provider via the designated number on our site.

Will flights go directly to my chosen destination as displayed on Holiday Scanner? 

The majority of the flights advertised on Holiday Scanner should l go straight to the selected destination. But in some cases, this will be and indirect flight. If so, this should be reflected in the price and the travel provider should make this clear to you before confirming any booking.

Please check holiday and flight details with the travel provider before confirming your booking.

What do the different board packages typically include?

  • All Inclusive

This board typically includes all your meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as beverages and food consumed out of the meal times. The food and drink options available to all inclusive customers will vary so please ask the travel provider or hotel for clarification.

  • Full Board

A full board package usually includes breakfast, lunch and evening meals. Any beverages or snacks you require outside of the designated meal times will generally be charged separately.

  • Half Board

Two meals a day are usually included in a half board package, typically breakfast and evening dinner. Any beverages or food consumed outside of these meal times will generally be charged separately.

  • Self Catering

Self catering means that no meals or drinks are provided in your holiday package but you will have access to facilities to prepare your own meals.

  • Bed and Breakfast 

Only your breakfast will be included in your stay.

  • Room Only

Room only does not include any meals in your booking.

Is the return flight included in my holiday package? 

The prices displayed on Holiday Scanner should include return flights unless stated otherwise.

Where are the flight times and airline I am booked to fly with indicated? 

All flights times and airline confirmation should be indicated in your confirmation emails. If you need more information regarding flight times, please contact the travel provider.

Who do I contact about issues regarding passports and visas? 

For all advice regarding passports and visas, please go to:


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